Find Anything Anywhere

GPS tracking that works everywhere
Not dependent on cellular networks
Unlimited battery life*
Tiny form factor
Water and weatherproof
Reliable in emergencies
Why is it so unique?

The only tracker in the world that uses ultra low power consumption radio networks to transmit real-time GPS data.

Though small enough to be worn on a collar or bracelet, our tracker features an onboard solar panel, in situations where battery life becomes an issue, a few rays of sunshine is enough to resume data transmission.

In cases where network coverage is limited, for example at sea, or extreme mountainous areas, a portable bluetooth transceiver must be used with your phone. This means you really can find anything anywhere.

The radio frequencies used for data transfer are ultra low power consumption, totally safe and supported globally.

SOS button - Sends emergency ‘Find Me Now’ signal.

Assisted GPS available via onboard wifi sniffer.

View real-time and historic GPS data using our smartphone app or any web browser.

When in trouble, launch the rescue alert directly from your tracker
Peace of mind in extreme conditions; find those in danger quickly.
Take our miniature transceiver with you when you go deep into the wild
Never lose your beloved pet again
Use in professional applications; farming and sport, for peace of mind and data gathering for analysis
Set virtual boundaries and be alerted if your animal has left the safe zone you have set
Keep track of at risk persons
Use in healthcare for peace of mind
Manage groups safely